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Does English hold back your confidence and make your feel left behind in your social conversations, career life?
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Our Methodology

In our class you will participate in activities that will improve your ability top speak naturally and confidently. With lessons based on real life topics, you will be able to speak English with high fluency and accuracy. Our highly qualified teachers, will help you achieve your goals through live online classes and activity-based learning.

The learning pattern is based on Rosenshine’s Principle and is widely proven to be scientifically successful. The course curriculum consists of extensive speaking practice, strategies and techniques of effective communication.

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  • Level A
  • Level B
  • Pro Level
  • Phonics
  • Spellbuild
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Course Benefits

With our Spoken English you will be able to:

1. Talk, precise and improve your fluency and vocabulary.

2. Improve your pronunciation and enunciation, use right pauses and other efficient strategies.

3.Interact with other learners in the class, participate in debate, tell stories, etc.

Our Programs

The level is for beginners who would want to understand the language and learn from basic. At the end of the course, the learner will be successful and effectively be able to understand the language, acquire Basic English and be able to speak better words and start making short stories and have understanding of greetings, ask questions, speak clear language and so on.

The level is for intermediate/transitioning speakers of the language who are moderate speakers and want to expand the horizon in the language. At the end of the course, the learner will be successful at speaking complex sentences and would have acquired better vocabulary and make long stories and be equipped with smaller reading lessons too. You will be able to communicate close to a Pro.

This curriculum will encourage the learners to build an advance vocabulary base and be able to converse fluent language. The level encourages the learners to make better speakers of the language and be able to speak in professional school and management setups too. The language base is well received and is very descriptive. You will be able to speak in variety of situations and be more professional speakers of the language.

Spell Build is a great course for learners struggling with spellings and phonics. This course is useful for toddlers who face challenge related to phonics and building right spellings. Our curriculum helps and enables reading skills and speaking skills as well. This acts as a bridge between the programs for anyone who wants to build better pronunciation and intonation abilities.


No. of classes

Level A

60 classes

Level B

60 classes

Pro Level

60 Classes

Spell Build Level 1

40 Classes

Spell Build Level 2

40 Classes

Spell Build Level 3

40 Classes

Phonics Level 1

60 Classes

Phonics Level 2

60 Classes

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