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  • Accelerate your learning experience
    through proven Math, Spoken English and Art programs

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About 24learningz

The right environment
for growing

24 Learningz is an EdTech aimed for providing life skills, English language and STEM high-quality education focusing on learners from low-income backgrounds. All of our courses are customized and designed to meet the need of client with help of experienced curriculum designers ensuring they are current as per today’s market condition and learning styles. Learning from Online Classrooms made more effective through a blend of 21st Century learning models. Learn from the best in the industry.

Our efficient Teachers Training Techniques (TTT) ensures the best in-class teacher enhancement techniques been delivered to be used in both in-class and online environment.

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Kids Arm Program

Accelerate your learning experience through proven Math, Spoken English and art
programs with most effective way

Corporate Uniforms
  • Level A
  • Level B
  • Pro Level
  • Phonics
  • Spellbuild
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Corporate Uniforms

Speed Maths

  • Curriculum driven
  • Logikids
  • Mathved
  • Analytical & Logical
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Corporate Uniforms


  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Enterance Exam Based
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Adult Arm Program

Helping our learners to achieve their Dreams

Spoken English

  • Grammer & Fluency
  • Open Conversation / advanced
  • Instruction Led

Soft Skills & Life Skills IELTS

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Teachers Training Program

  • Spoken English
  • Soft Skills & Life Skills
  • Speed Math
  • Learn and Earn Program
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Everything is a learning experience. We at 24 Learningz facilitate learning experiences
no matter the context. Have a look at our story.



As an adult I am Learning new techiniques at 24 Learningz on how to improve my language skills and present myself better.



I am able to solve the problems so well; easy and smart technique. Thanks to 24 Learningz.



My spellings are more better and I speak well and my teachers in school are super proud of me. Thank you 24 Learningz.



My kid is able to solve the problems so well and teachers are so proud of him. It has been an awesome experience with 24 Learningz.



I have seen tremendous improvement in my kid in written as well as spoken English. Thank you 24 Learningz.

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Never seen before, magical STEM learning.